At the FRINSA GROUP we have become a multinational shelf stable seafood organization through our commitment to a series of principles that distinguish and characterize us. Our goal is to maintain long term global partnerships by offering products with unparalleled levels of quality, sustainability and innovation.


Our primary focus is on providing private label products and complimenting them with Frinsa branded items. 85% of Frinsa sales come from Private Label products. We are the #1 private label canned tuna manufacturer in Europe. We partner with key retailers in the US, UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain and others.


We are committed to being an industry leader in manufacturing expertise and flexibility. We dedicate significant resources to developing and maintaining our internal / external manufacturing capabilities. We also take great pride in creating a flexible production environment that can accommodate our customers needs and requirements. We currently have two internal manufacturing facilities in Europe.


We are focused on producing only the highest quality products. We take tremendous care in implementing quality controls at every stage of the internal / external production process. We also have a qualified team that utilizes advanced technological equipment and their significant training to help us meet uncompromising safety standards and all domestic regulations (FDA).


Building and maintaining a global network of partners that hold our sustainability, sourcing and manufacturing standards is also a key organizational anchor. We have forged over 40 long lasting global partnerships to ensure that we can source sustainable raw materials from all over the world and maintain a highly flexible, nimble approach. ​


Developing and maintaining long lasting relationships with retailers is key organizational value that has allowed us to become one of the 10 largest shelf stable seafood companies in the world. Our unparalleled commitment to quality, operational flexibility and total category growth has allowed us to develop long term relationships with retailers in the US, UK, Spain, Germany, France, Italy, S. Africa.


We are committed to developing innovative products with our Corporate Brand partners. Our internal new product development team creates, advances, and launches new product offerings on a global scale. Our team utilizes consumer insights (IRI), emerging market trends and latest scientific advancements to ensure all new product launches meet consumer and local market regulatory requirements. Our near-term projects include enhanced shelf stable seafood offerings, supplements, and frozen products.


Sustaining the environment is one of our main areas of focus. We implement stringent ethical trade, code of conduct and continuous improvement standards to ensure that we are operating in an ethical & responsible manner. We are members of key foundations such as the ISSF,SFP & have accredited certifications such as Dolphin Safe, MSC, FOS.


We are focused on maintaining the highest level of culinary expertise in order to drive category eating occasions. Our partnerships with world renowned chefs and Frinsa tapas bars/ stores allow us to drive the at home consumer culinary experience with savory artisanal flavors from Spain.